Expert landscape prep, irrigation, demolition, and custom service… at your service.

Premiere Landscape Prep, Hauling, and Irrigation Services in the East Valley

Whether it’s hauling dirt, trenching, transporting rock, digging tree holes, spreading compost, building a berm, irrigation installation/service, or small-scale demolition, Guru Services USA is ready to help with your project! We pride ourselves in our ability to plan, implement, and complete tasks quickly and on a budget. Call Mike at (435) 230-4372 today for an estimate.

Our Services

Articulated Loader (bobcat) Services

Haul, dig, trench, spread, grade, move, lift, demolish, or flatten; this multi-use Bobcat articulated loader has a bigger bite than its bark!

irrigation services

Our expert technicians are ready to plan and implement a new irrigation project or service the one you already have.

Dumpster services

Got trash, dirt, or landscape materials that need hauling in or out? We’ve got your solution!

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head shot of jennifer stirling campbell under a tree

I looked far and wide before I found Mike. He’s honest, genuine, hard-working, and committed to doing things the right way. I chose him because, quite frankly, he’s the best. I suggest you choose him too!

– Jennifer (Mike’s Wife)

super closeup of black dog looking straight into camera

When the monsoon season eroded my favorite dirt pile, Mike used his Bobcat to build it up again. I don’t normally like cats, but Mike’s Bobcat is pretty cool.

– Opie (Mike’s Dog)